Manage a fleet of delivery drivers an manage same day deliveries.

004 Direct is a framework that allows you to manage a fleet of delivery drivers and to manage same day deliveries. The Python based administration mask combined with the iOS and Android based driver app, allows for total transparency and real-time route optimization for accurate and timely same day deliveries.

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Engage your customers

  • Simple order scheduling Apps and Web interfaces can be used intuitively, because we know that the customer experience begins in the moment they schedule the order with you.
  • Integrated Communication Customers can connect with the driver through an in-app chat or phone
  • Order Tracking Whether you choose to offer status updates through mail or SMS or real-time GPS tracking inside the app. Your customers will be informed about the status of their order at any moment

Setup & integrations

  • Flexible service region setup Define your own service regions and divide them into multiple sub-areas. Operations become more efficient and the zone selection keeps your drivers happy.
  • Retail partner collaboration built-in Create more value for your business partners and yourself. Retailers and their staff can be added directly in your back-office to offer them your delivery services
  • Connecting your existing systems Direct works as a standalone solution, but can also be integrated with your current systems and processes.

Efficient operations

  • Optimized routes Direct uses an algorithm to optimize your delivery routes and maximize efficiency in the field. This optimization can respect delivery hubs, time constraints (e.g. predefined delivery time windows), driver schedules and capacities of vehicles. This will save you time and recourses.
  • Transparent map-view In a map view all orders and drivers in the field can be monitored and located in real time to increase transparency of your operations.
  • Order details Order details are captured and can be accessed. Information about sender, recipient, pick-up and drop-off location with route, driver, changing order status and customer signature after the delivery was completed give you a complete overview.
  • Smart dispatching options Direct allows push- and pull-dispatching to run your operations. Pull dispatching enables drivers to independently select the delivery jobs they would like to carry out and reduces the workload for your back office staff.

Happy drivers

  • Convenient step-by-step guidance Drivers are guided through delivery processes step-by-step to make their work more convenient and reach customer satisfaction. This is an app you and your drivers can rely on.
  • Zone selection When you choose a pull dispatching for your operations, drivers can select their preferred pickup zone to only see the jobs that are close to them. This increases their productivity and will get the deliveries to your customers faster.
  • Secure pickup and drop-off From QR-Code scan at pickup to the collection of signature at drop-off – we have built in right tools to secure a correct delivery every time.

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