004 Germany

Over 120 employees manage several large enteprise customers. We process over 1 million orders in our 15.000 m2 logistic center in Aschaffenburg (30 min from Frankfurt Airport). We also offer image and foto services at our 004 Studios, where a team of 15 professional photographers take care of the best imaging of your products for your web shop.


Olga Höfling

Stengerstraße 9 63741 Aschaffenburg

+49 (0) 6021 45348-0

004 Spain/ Incubout

Our Barcelona office is the headquarter of our framework 004 Places. 12 Engineers constantly optimize the solution to give you the best marketplace coverage for your Shop. Via our investment arm Incubout, we support early stage projects with angel investments and entrepreneurial infrastructure.


Matthias Proch

Salvador Espriu 93 08005 Barcelona

+34 931 80 7020

004 Turkey

Our Turkish team develops our Java based 004 One framework. A team of engineers constantly develops new features to provide the most state-of-the-art Shop Framework.

Our Istanbul team also manages the developments for our marketplace software framework 004 Market.


Emrah Hizarci

AHL Freezone Isbi Plaza No. 1104 Yesilkoy Istanbul

+90 212 465 3030