The carrier of change


The urban Hammalis of today have lived through the rapid growth of our city, maintaining the pulse of the home we live in, daily traversing through the complexities of an ever changing landscape. They are nimble transporters who are able to think on their feet, and possess a sense of duty when completing a task. Hammaly strives to empower the Hammalis by providing a platform to elevate the connection between Hammalis and customers.
The Hammali Connect App welcomes all, whether you are a courier, chauffeur or cab driver. It is a community space and marketplace for Hammalis who wish to help busy city dwellers across various categories of services or tasks.


The platform measures your activity on each category in three different areas: Deliveries, Errands, and Assignments. The idea of measuring it in this way is partly to give Hammalis feedback on the contribution to the tasks, but also to recognize that every Hammali has a different skillset and story. So it is about recognizing that and celebrating it.


Ashraf Abu Issa

Ashraf is the Chairman and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, overseeing over 100 sister companies operating around the world under the group umbrella. AIH is known across the GCC region for its corporate management climate and portfolio of businesses across industries, recognized as an experienced and well-positioned partner. Ashraf received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011, spearheading retail concepts and brands. Over 10 business concepts have been developed in-house including Mosafer, Al Bahie Auction House and e-Pro. Ashraf leads business growth and supports the overall economic development in Qatar, through continued investment in public sector related business and affiliations including INJAZ “Achievement” Qatar, and the Young President’s Organization (YPO) Qatar, with a focus on philanthropic endeavors.


Hammaly Deliveries LLC,

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Hammaly Deliveries LLC, Aamal Tower

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